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Waiting for Summer

Ted Mountainé is as we all know currently very occupied with his career as a spokesperson for the International Association of Introverted Jet-Setters Living in the Past (IAoIJSLitP), but a couple of years ago he took some time off to create this exciting montage of scenery from his beautiful life and music. “If every man and woman took more cues from the advertising world, I honestly think the earth would Read More

Cowell: Stupid Might Beat Boring But I’m Tired of Throwing the Punches

Knob manufacturers Arton and Leonard Brother have negotiated a deal with Simon Cowell for a new television show. American Preservationist will debut on ABC on March 16, 2012 and it will be hosted by Stephen Hawking. Executive producers will be Brother’s sister Susie Brother Love, former CEO of Hallmark’s NASA division, and folk singer Gordon Lightfoot. Lightfoot will arrange the title tune, a “sunny keyboard version” of Natalie Cole’s “Miss You Read More