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Waiting for Summer

Ted Mountainé is as we all know currently very occupied with his career as a spokesperson for the International Association of Introverted Jet-Setters Living in the Past (IAoIJSLitP), but a couple of years ago he took some time off to create this exciting montage of scenery from his beautiful life and music. “If every man and woman took more cues from the advertising world, I honestly think the earth would Read More

Shaoncé vs. Foucault: The Use of Pleasure

Pop darling Shaoncé has revealed details about her new album scheduled for release in early 2012. After the tremendous success of her previous album, Shock, people are curious to see if she can live up to the hype — but judging by yesterday’s press conference in Paris there is no need for concern. Wearing an outfit that would make Lady Gaga proud the young singer won the world press over Read More