Update 2018: A Letter from the Staff

It’s been a few years since our last post. You may remember Paul LeRoy (arrow) from our first article back in 2011? It turns out he was right about time travel, and as a result of our journalistic investigations into this area we’ve been going back and forth through history in the past couple of years.

All our correspondents have been busy in alternate realities, and all this time our editor, Ted Mountainé, has been churning out mediocre synth music to redirect the attention of the general public and stay out of view from suspicious governmental bodies.

We will go into all of this in greater detail if time permits. Before any of that, though, we want to take the opportunity and apologize for Donald Trump. That was our fault – it turns out that Ted Lewis’ Hat has beeen experimenting with some probability theory events in what he thought to be a dummy universe.

It is an easy mistake to make, so we hope you’ll forgive him like we have.

We hope to bring you an interview with Paul LeRoy himself in the near future. He’s currently busy playing lead clarinet in the 1973 incarnation of Raymond Lefèvre’s orchestra, but we should be able to lure him out. It’s an incredibly boring job – Lefèvre is all about the string section.